Take your business to the future

What can we offer your business?

We provide you with complete mobile and fixed systems designed for virtual reality, combined with custom made software. You are able to move around in an extraordinary environment with intuitive controls. In an instant you can adjust the locations of all objects around you or provide instructions to another person in the very same virtual environment you are in. Get a profound understanding of life-size prototypes at true scale, take hold of different tools or measure clearances between objects before sending them on the assembly line. In mere minutes you'll understand the intuitive controls and get to being productive.

Connect in VR

Experience VR like never before through the latest and greatest hardware of 2017, combined with high performance software. Connect with multiple other headsets, connected to the same computer or a machine on the other side of the world. Our software allows for:

  • Realtime 3D object sharing
  • Linking of up to 16 headsets, cameras or conventional monitor and keyboard users
  • Live import of 3D files in-app, on all linked devices
  • Immersive vehicle simulations for demonstration and training purposes
The dynamic software framework allows for the realisation of any kind of project.